An emotional scene. The man reunited with his beloved dog after being lost for already eight years


A dog was found after being lost for already 8 years. The dog disappeared from his owner’s yard in 2007. The man tried to look for the dog but useless.

The dog was a little puppy when he was stolen. The dog was a breed of Rottweiler. The dog was found by a woman and taken to a animal hospital.

It turned out that the dog had a microchip and the owner was found soon. The owner of the dog was so excited and never lost his hope to see his furry friend.

The owner took his dog named Duke. He had already 3 dogs and a son who was three years old whose name is Cooper and also another son who was three months old whose name is Graham.

Edward was excited as he could not have imagined that he will meet the dog again. They have such tight bond.

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