Video. A brave woman jumped into the icy water and saved the life of the Husky stuck in ice


When it is freezing cold there are many cases when the dogs fall into the icy water. This story happnened when it was a very cold winter day.

A brave woman who is 65 years old acted so quickly to rescue a husky stuck in the icy water. The woman’s name is Gallina.

She was just walking with her friends when she noticed the dog trying to get out of the cold water.

The woman did not even think or hesitate and took her clothes off and jumped into the water. The woman opened the path as the water was covered in ice.

She helped the dog to get to the shore by breaking the ice in the water. Both of them warmed up when they were on the shore. Thanks to this woman the cutr husky is rescued.

Here is the couargeous act of the woman:

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