The owner of the furniture store puts comfortable mattresses in front of the store for the street dogs to sleep on


Dr.Cem Baykal has noticed something strange on his way. He noticed two stray dogs are which always in front of the furniture shop.

The shop sells differnet things for home. It sells mattresses, bads, curtains and sofas.

The owner of the furniture shop wanted to do something for these dogs. He decided to put a mattress in front of the shop for the stray dogs.

He leaves that mattress for them to sleep at night. These two stray dogs are best friends and they are inseperable.

The furniture shop owner leaves food and water for the stray dogs. The dogs do not have to lie on the cold sidewalks. Thanks to this kind furniture shop staff members the dogs live happily and safe and sound.

Even when the shop is closed the bedding is put outdoors for the dogs. This act is of the furniture shop owner is worth praising.

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