Video. Family caught a scene how their dog goes for a secret swim in the backyard pool


A dog named Elliot is a German shepherd. The dog is fond of swimming in the pool. The family has a pool in the backyard and the dog likes to swim with them.

The family knows that the dog just adores to swim even when he is left alone in the backyard. The dog has a difficulty to climb the ladder but after some time the dog got used to it.

The scene was captured how the dog got into the pool alone without anybody’s help. He did this in such a proffessional way. It was obvious the dog did this regularly.

It is dangerous to leave the dog alone. The dog swims very good but one of the family members always stays near the pool as they take care of the dog very carefully.

The family is very attentive to the dog as they leave the house they do not leave the dog alone in the house.

The dog himself does not know that the family knows his secret of going in for swimming in the pool whenever he wants. The dog is so smart and professional in his own way. This dog shows that he has a special intellect.

Here is the video:

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