A senior cat which is already 26 years old was left in the shelter until a woman saw a post about him


A cat which was already 26 years old was left in the shelter. His owner was sick and could not take care of his cat that is why he gave the cat to the shelter.

The name of the cat is Thomas. The cat was rather old and it was difficult to find a person who will adopt the cat.

In general cats at the age of 10 to 13 have already the problem to be adopted.The medical expenses and taking care of the senior cats are very difficult.

The shelter staff posted the picture of the senior cat. A woman responded that she wanted to adopt the senior cat.

The name of the woman is Laura Cassiday. She knew that this cat is for her and she was meant to look after this cat.

It is already a week and the cat lives happily in the family. He has a little bit difficulty in getting along with everything. He will get used to this very soon.

The cat is always in the centre of attention and he is being fed very well. The woman said she knew the cat needed help and she gave hand to this cute creature.

Those senior cats always need love and care. She and her family does everything for the senior cat.

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