The terrorized cat named Busya ran up to the tree when it was an air raid but her owner did not want to leave him


Both people and their favourite pets try to survive under Russian bombs. Luckily, there are volunteers who still help those scared and hopeless animals left outdoors under bombardment.

This is a story about a cat. Her name is Busya. When there was a noise of bombs the cat ran up to the tree. The cat was so scared that only volunteers could take her down.

The  cat was terrorized and even did not think to flee from the country. The cat ran up to the top of the tree very scared.

The owner risked her life trying to calm the cat down and bring her down.

The woman was not able to do this herself and volunteers helped her to take the cat down and give her owner’s arms.

Thankfully, the cat is safe and sound but her owner does everything to prevent the cat from the noises of bombs.

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