The devoted dog waits at the bus stop for the old woman who rescued his life after being left all alone on one side of the road


A small dog is always at the bus stop waiting for someone. The town is very small and there is only one bus that goes in and out of the city.

It turns out that the cute puppy waits for the old woman who rescued her life. The dog was hit by a car that time only that woman supported the dog. The dog was abandoned.

The dog was taken care of and looked after by this kind old woman although she was rather poor. She named the dog Bal bal. The woman kept the dog in a makeshift kennel as she could not build a fence.

The woman goes somewhere by bus to bring supplies the dog rans from the kennel to the bus stop.

The dog waits for the woman and does not return home until the old woman comes back home.The woman says she does everything to return soon but useless.

The dog waits until the woman come back. The poor woman can not afford to do everything for the poor puppy but she tries her best.

The dog shows his devotion to the woman in this way. The dog likes to be always by the woman’s side. This bond between the old woman and the dog is so tight and true.

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