A family did not want to leave Ukraine without their senior dog. They carried the dog on their back across the boarder


A woman posted a photo how she fled from Ukraine carrying her dog on her back. Even it was rather difficult as the dog weighed very heavy the woman did not hesitate to leave the dog under the bombardment in Ukraine.

The woman is 35 years old. Her name is Alisa. She left Ukraine with her family and old dog. They went by car for already 16 hours. But there was a traffic jam and they had to walk to the border 10 miles in cold weather.

The dog is 12 years old and could hardly walk. The woman asked for help but everybody told her to leave the dog.

The woman did not even think of leaving the dog behind. The woman already lost her dad and did not want to lose her beloved German shepherd.

The family passed the border of Poland only her husband could not pass the boarder. The family is in Poland now and they will go to German soon. This family loves their dog as he is one of the family members. They will always stay together and wait for the father to return from Ukraine.

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