A Ukrainian woman rescues senior and disabled dogs to cross the boarder into Poland


A woman whose name is Nastya Tikhaya’s parents have an animal shelter. She tries to do her best to support them. The animal shelter is near Kiev in Irpin.

She is a real hero helping the disabled and abandoned animals in need of help. She helps them to flee from worn-torn country. Her husband whose name is Arthur Lee also helps the abandoned animals to pass the boarder of Poland.

Her photo spread in the social media. She leads dogs. Some of the dogs are on the wheelchair and they are senior or disabled.

Many of the dogs  look scared and exhausted. The photo shows the unconditional love and care to the animals. Some of the dogs were unhealthy but it does not matter the woman did not give up.

Thanks to this couple and people who valunteered in the rescueing of the senior and disabled dogs the animals are safe and sound . Even some dogs were reunited with their owners who did not manage to fleed with their dogs.

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