A kind-hearted retired woman opened an hospice to give the abandoned dogs care and love in the final days of their lives


A woman who has been a nurse opened a centre for the abandoned dogs to give them love and care in thier last days. The hospice is situated in England.

The name of the woman is Nicola Coyle.
The dogs that come to this centre  had a difficult life before. She tries to make their final days happier and safe.

The woman has been working in the rescueing of dogs for a long period of time. She always supported dogs in need of help.

After Coyle retired she found a hospice named Grey Muzzle Canine. She put all her energy in this work.

Every dog that comes to the hospice has her bithday party, a steak dinner and is taken to the seaside. The woman does everything to improve their quality of life. She provides the dogs with many interesting adventures.

They are treated here very well. They have their own birthday cake for their special day. The dogs only get love and safety that they deserve. People donate money as the woman spends nearly 580 dollars on the expenses of each dog.

This hospice showers the abandoned and neglected dogs with the affection and all the good things that they deserve. They are not left heartbroken but are filled with comfort.

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