A stray sad pit bull was thankful to the woman who helped him


A woman whose name is Laura Forma looked from the window of his car and noticed a dog crossing the road.

The dog was on the opposite side of the road and the woman was thinking about the dog all the time. She had already 8 dogs. Six dogs were her own one. Two dogs were fostered.

She did not hesitate and turned her car to find the dog which made an impression on her. The dog had such sad eyes. The woman took a U- turn and came to the place where she noticed the dog.

When the woman noticed the dog she called the dog to her. The dog jumped and sat in the carseat. The dog had such innocent and sad eyes. It was obvious the dog had a rough life. The dog seemed broken.

The woman took the dog to her house as the opportunity of the dog being adopted from the shelter was rather low. The dog felt comfortable at the woman’s house. The dog felt relief.

The dog is named Thor. The dog is so friendly and showers love and care to the other dogs in the house. The dog gets along with other dogs. The dog does not make any mess. The dog is a very good one and is able to make everybody happy.

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