A heroic act. A Polish charity worker goes to Ukraine regularly to save as many abandoned pets as he can


A man from Poland went to Ukraine to rescue abandoned animals under the bombardment. He works in a charity company.

He goes to Ukraine regularly. He does his best to save the stray pets. The man’s name is Konrad. He and his collegues saved over 100 dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and chameleon.

The charity brings animals in a bad state to safety. There are many sick abandoned animals in need of help. The workers of charity risk their lives without even thinking about their own life.

The staff does their work overtime. They work day and night to rescue as many animals as they can. The staff does her best to get all the animals back.

Some animals are adopted. Some are taken to the vet. Everthing is done in a proper way to get the pets out the war-torn country. Thanks to this charity many lives will be saved.

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