Video. A cute tiny dog named Rambo became a loyal watchdog after the Ukrainian soldiers saved him


A cute dog was saved by the Ukrainian soldiers from the severe cold winter in Donbass. The name of the dog is Rambo.

The black coloured dog with light colour on her face and belly is so cute.The dog is interested in everything that goes on around him. The dog serves as a watchdog now.

He spends all day with soldiers. The brave and kind soldiers found him freezing from cold and he looked so scared. They could not leave the dog behind and brought the dog with them.

The dog helps the soldiers when he notices a stranger nearby. The dog is a real protector for the soldiers in the frontline.

The dog is loved and taken care of by soldiers here. The dog makes the soldiers’ day brighter and makes them smile.

Rambo is not the only dog in this frontline there is also another dog. The two dogs do their best to protect the soldiers.

Here is the video of the watchdog named Rambo and another dog :

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