A cute video. A kind teen rescued three squirrels who were left orphaned after a Hurricane Ida destroyed their nest


There was a hurricane in New Orelans. A family  and their 15 years old daughter whose name is Bailee Villavaso saved the squirrels.

A strong storm damged the nest of the orphaned squirrels. They were turned upside down. Their nest fell on the ground from the tree. The three baby squirrels were left all alone.

The mother of the squirrel was not seen anywhere. Villavaso fed the squirrels as the vet told her. After being fed properly the squirrels state got better and they began to run. The squirrels were so active and energetic.

The girl gave names to the cute squirrels. The names of the squirrels are Theodore, Simon and Alvin. Villavaso is happy that she rescued the hopeless squirrels. She is fond of animals very much.

They took the three squirrels with them and kept them safe and sound. The family asked for the proper care advice from different animal rehabbers.

Now the squirrels spend their day happily jumping and being very active all day long.

Here is the video:

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