A kind act. A man set free the chained dog and the dog expressed his gratitude by kissing and hugging the man


A man whose name is Matheus Laiola noticed a neglected dog. The hopeless dog was chained and needed care and love.

The man decided to free the dog no matter what happened. The dog was locked and the man broke the lock by bolt-cutter.

Laiola freed the white coloured dog and the dog expressed his happiness. The dog hugged the man so tight as a sign of gratitude. The dog gave a lot of kisses.

The dog was taken to an animal shelter after this . The rescue company put the dog for adoption. After some time the dog was adopted by a loving family.

The dog got all the love and care that he deserved. Thanks to this man the dog had a second chance to live happily. The man set free the cute dog forever.

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