A real hero. An owner of the senior paralyzed dog keeps taking the dog for wagon rides so that the dog can continue to enjoy the pleasures of life


Everyone who has a dog always keeps the dog in the centre of attention. When the dogs become older their owners still continue to care about them.

In this case the story is about a senior dog who became paralyzed. The name of the dog is Shadow.The owner of the dog could not leave the dog at home all the time. He wanted that the dog enjoyed the pleasure of life.

He made a decision to make the dog’s days brighter and kept carrying the paralyzed dog on wagon for rides.

The wagon was covered with blankets so that the dog did not catch a cold.It had a special design so that the dog lay down.He did not want the dog be sad. He wanted that the dog enjoyed the world.

The scene was noticed by a Bryant Thompson. He could not just pass and asked the man about the health state of the dog.

The owner of the dog told that the dog was in this state because of her illness. He did not want that his dog felt as a prisoner. He does everything so that the dog spends time outdoors.

This man deserves much praising. He is so devoted to his dog. He even said his dog would do the same for him. He will never let the dog feel desperate.

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