A sweet video. A cute baby girl tries to persuade the fluffy dog to take a bath


This story is about a sweet girl and her dog Malamute. The girl tried to convince the dog to take a bath as he was dirty and muddy.

The dog’s name is Phil. He was not happy as he was tired and did not want to take a bath. The scene is so heartwarming.

The mother and father of the girl could not make the dog take a bath that is why they called their daughter. The dog and the girl get along with each other in a perfect way.

The dog and the girl had such a sweet conversation. The girl’s name is Amelia.The girl tells the dog to take a bath in a very polite way. The little girl treated the dog so gently.

After some effort to convince the dog. The dog agreed to take a bath by himself. The girl kissed and hugged the dog. The dog and the girl had such a tight bond. The family also has a fluffy cat who joined the activity.

Here is the sweet video:

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