A loyal and lifesaving dog. A little girl’s favourite pet was taken to the operating room to warn doctors of the allergic reaction of the girl during surgery


A girl has an illness called mastocytosis. Her name is  Kaelyn Krawczyk. This illness can cause allergy, difficult breathing and can be life-threatening.

The girl has a favourite dog who is always by her side. The dog feels when the girl is in a bad state. The dog is a terrier named JJ.

The girl was taken to the hospital. During her surgery the dog also participated. The terrier was bathed a night before the surgery. The dog sat near the bed and felt when the girl’s cells change.

The girl was undergoing a life threatening surgery. Her life was saved. The girl was only seven years old. The dog was an additional monitor during the process of surgery. The dog is very sensitive.

The dog makes the girl’s life easier. JJ is a very smart dog and he is the most beloved animal in the life of the girl. The dog saved her life several times feeling the oncoming attack.

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