A broken-hearted dog is so sad he does not know why his owner left him and did not want him any longer


A dog was taken to the shelter by his owner. The family did not want the dog as the dog did not get along with the new puppy.

The dog was so sad and always waited for his owners to return and take him back home. A volunteer whose name is Randi Bertholet always came to this animal shelter.

She used to walk near the kennel and look how the state of the dogs was. One day she noticed a dog looking at the wall. The dog did not want to turn his head.

It was obvious the dog was in despair. The dog behaved as if he understood that he was left abandoned in the shelter by the family members with whom he hoped to live forever.

The valunteer posted the picture of the dog and the story about this dog. After some time the dog was adopted. Many people became interested in the dog.

The picture depicted how the dog put his head on the valunteer’s shoulder and was in a hopeless state. Thanks to this valunteer the dog lives his life safe and happy surrounded with love and care. All the animals deserve to live their life safe and sound.

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