A cute and lovely dog which was chained to a fence is rescued and now he adores hugging people tightly as a sign of gratitude


A dog named Torro and other dogs were rescued and taken to an animal shelter. The cute dog was chained to a fence of an abandoned house.

In the shelter the dogs are surrounded with love and care now. The dogs lived their lives outdoors and were left abandoned.

At first Torro seemed very shy and did not communicate with anyone. The neglected dog lost his trust towards people.

After some period of time the dog showed that he is lovely and communicative. The dog gained the belief that there are people who love him and care about him.

One day when the dogs and staff members were out in the yard the dog showed his gratitude by hugging staff members. He put his head in the arms of the rescuers.

The sweet dog has stayed in the animal shelter for already a year. The dog is known for his kind heart.The dog spreads love by hugging people tightly. The dog will soon have a forever home.

The dog has lived a difficult life that is why it is difficult for him to get along with other people. The family that adopts this dog should be patient and give plenty love and care to the dog as the dog lived a very difficult life.

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