A dog wandering around the parking lot fell asleep in the comfortable bed for the first time in his life


A dog who was living in the gas station lived his life trying to survive. The dog used to watch the tracks and cars go and come.

Nobody knew where he came from and who looked after him. The dog asks treatment to the customers who come to the gas station. When the dog was not in the sight the dog was just wandering looking for food.

The dog lived in the gas station for a long period time. The dog could not even have imagined that he will soon be rescued and be taken home from streets.

A  woman rescued the dog. The woman saved many dogs by giving them safety. This dog was a lucky one to meet the woman. The woman finds homes for these abandoned dogs.

She even tries to find them owners. She takes all the expenses of visiting vets and all the procedures. The dog will not have to spend her life outdoors any more.


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