A sweet dog can not sleep without playing and cuddling with her favourite and comfortable stuffed toy banana


Every child has a toy with which he or she spends her day. They like to sleep and to play with them all the time without getting bored of them.

It turns out that both puppies and old dogs also adore playing with toys. Here is a story about a sweet dog named Tessa.

A cute dog who is just 20 years old adores playing and cuddling with her favourite toy. The dog is a mix of terrier.

All the family knows that the dog loves them but the toy banana is her favourite toy.The dog can not stay without her toy for a long time.

She likes to carry the toy everywhere with her. The toy has been her favourite one for already five years.

The dog likes to show her banana toy to everybody who visits their home. She really wants everybody to know  that this toy is very precious for her.

The dog is senior already 20 years old but she still continues to go and do everything with her toy. This banana toy is her possession that she keeps safe and with care.

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