The rescued devoted dog waits for the man to come home every day


This story is a true proof about the loyality of dogs. This dog waits impatiently to the man who rescued him.

A man who goes in the coal mine for work always noticed a dog. The dog and the man had a tight bond. The dog always smiled to him.

The dog had a special place in the heart of the man. It was obvious that the dog was abandoned. The dog always waited for the man and did not leave the same place until the man came.

One day when the man went to work he made a decision to bring the dog home. The dog was named Sadie Kate.

The dog deserves the family which always gives him love and care. Thanks to the dog’s smile and being lovely he has a forever home now.

Both of them are true soulmates. The family had already two dogs. The dog gets along with them very well.

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