A poor canine was left abandoned in the cage in the middle of the field in the cold rainfall


There are still people who do not care about their dogs and are able to leave them in a terrible state.  Here is a story of a dog.

A dog was abandoned left in the middle of the field. The dog felt cold and was starving of hunger. The dog was noticed and rescued by a humane society situated in Mississippi.

The scene was heartbraking. The dog was left under the heavy rain and cold. The dog was shivering as he was wet he could not get out of the cage. The rescuers felt so sorry for the canine.

After taking him out of the cage they covered him in a blanket. The dog was named Melanie. The white coloured dog’s eyes were innocent and so cute.

Here the dog was warmed up. He was taken to a vet and was treated as the dog was covered in injures and bite marks. Now the dog is loved and taken care of. He deserves to be treated properly.

The dog feels all the warmth that he is given. We hope he will soon find a loving forever home. The dog has overcome many difficulties. The canine is really strong as his state gets better day after day. The dog knows what a warm home is and he feels protected now.

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