An adorable and cute video. A tiny and brave dog figures his way out and escapes from his kennel to play with the giant dogs


A cute tiny white and black coloured puppy was rescued.  The dog was adopted and taken to MuttShack animal shelter. The dog was in the kennel as he was very active and there were many big dogs.

The little dog did not stay long in the kennel. The dog ran after the big dogs. He was so cute and he was not afraid of the dogs. He wagged his tail as a sign of happiness.

The scene was captured how the small dog tries to get attention from hundred times big dogs.

The new friends of the dog were so gentle and did not even think of barking at him. They were curious about the little dog.

The dog  made friends with the giant dogs and he did not want to go back to his kennel. The dog is a firecracker by his nature.

Here is the video:

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