The guy saw an abandoned dog lying on the roof of his car and thought this was a fate


A resident from Brazilia learnt that his car was stolen. The police found the car. The surprising thing was that when the car was found there was a cute canine on the car.

This was a real surprise. The owner of the car was Vitor Mangino. The police even thought that the dog was the owner’s dog.

The dog just did not want to leave the car and stayed on the roof of the car even when the owner came.

When the guy came near the car the dog sat on the roof calmly. The dog was so lovely. The dog melted the guy’s heart and the guy decided to take the dog home. He thought that the dog was his fate.

The dog was named Heineken. Some parts of the car were stolen but it does not matter the guy found a dog that was a  precious gift for him. The dog and the guy have a strong bond and are inseperable friends.

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