The sad dog refused to eat and drink as he was left alone in the shelter. Luckily , a miracle happened in his life


The dog of a Staffordshire Terrier breed is just seven years old. The dog was named Capone.

The dog was in despair as other dogs were taken from the shelter and he was left all alone in the shelter.

The dog hoped that his family members would come but useless. But when the dog was first adopted from the shelter the owner soon returned the dog as the dog behaved badly to the dog which visited their house.

The staff saw how the dog suffered from being left alone. The dog refused to drink or to eat. The staff downloaded the photo of the dog in the social media.

Although the staff was anxious whether the dog got along with strangers, but he was in a good relationship with the new owners.

Luckily, a couple saw the story about the dog and decided to adopt the cute dog. The dog got along with the new family members very well.

The couple gave all the love and care the dog desereves. The photo of the dog was downloaded in the social media. The dog’s face shone with happiness. The staff is happy as the dog will not left alone and abandoned.

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