Video.A beautiful moment. A tear-jerking reunion of a dog with the owner after spending 2 years in the animal shelter


A cute dog named Pakita loved to ran away from the yard. The dog liked adventures very much. Every time she ran away he used to return back.

Unluckily, the brown dog did not come back once. The dog got lost and could not fond her way back home. She went very far away from home. He smelled the way but useless. Nothing was familiar to him. He just lost his hope to see his beloved owner.

The poor dog was not left in the streets roaming for a long time as she was taken to an animal shelter by kind people. The dog was in a terrible state. The staff did everything possible to make him feel happy.

They tried to download the picture of the dog so that she would be adopted soon. The dog used to look at the wall all the time. She was not sociable. The dog hid her face and did not let anyone near her.

She was confused. When the photo of the dog was put in the social media, a woman responded that this dog was her son’s lost dog. The staff members became happy as they could return the brown dog to her owner.

When the owner of the dog came to see the dog the dog acted very indifferent at first. The man knelt and called the dog. The moment was heartwarming and magical.

The dog jumped into the arms of the owner. The dog smelled the man and did not want to leave him. The scene was so touching. The staff members eyes filled with tears of happiness.

The sad dog turned into an active and lively dog. The dog started to bark and wagged her tail as a sign of happiness seeing her long-lost friend.

Here is the video:

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