A tiny scared dog was left on the side of desolate road. She melted in the arms of her rescuer after feeling safety


A dog with a scared face was left on the isolated roadside. The tiny dog was very frieghtened and hopeless.

The dog lost her trust to people. When a woman noticed the dog near her car the dog looked very scared. The woman tried to gain her trust.

She was a rescuer of animals. Her name is Georgiana Neagu. She was on her way home when she noticed the little dog. The little dog came to the woman with an instinct to be rescued.

She did not hesitate and decided to help the dog in need of help. The dog was traumatized as she had overcome many difficulties. The dog was doubtful whether someone would help him.

The woman took her home. She gives all the warmth that the dog deserves. The dog is only 11 months old. She was named Paula.

The dog feels comfortable as she is surrounded with love and care. The woman does everything so that the emotional state of the dog gets better.

The dog likes to lean on the woman and feel comfort and warmth. She became very lively and playful.

They give unconditional love to each other. The woman will look after the dog until she will be able to find her a foever home. The tiny dog has so much love to give to people.

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