A touching scene. A loyal golden retriever did not want to leave her owner’s side after she fainted in the street


A Golden Retriever was veey faithful to her owner. The dog did not leave her owner’s side The dog and her owner were inseperable.

Unluckily, her owner passed out in the street and the dog refused to go anywhere. An ambulance was called.

As the dog was very loyal to her owner and did not want to leave her they let the dog to come with them by the ambulance car.

The dog waited patiently. She walked around the woman until she understood the state of the her owner got better. The dog was a guardian angel for the woman.

The dog was also let in the treatment room. When the woman became conscious the first thing she said was her favourite dog.

When the dog saw her owner she became very happy and excited to see her in a good state. They were both true and devoted friends to each other.

Here is the video:


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