A terrified labrador who does not want to leave his crate learns to live happily


When Terri took a labrado as a foster he could have imagined that the dog would behave so. The dog was afraid to get out of his crate.The dog was named Cricket. The dog was in a stressful state.

He was afraid of people. He used to hide in one corner of the house and not to speak to anybody. He prefered to stay away from socializing.

Cricket was not aggresive and did not bark to anybody. The dog was in such a state for already six months.

Luckily, the family had other dogs and with the help of these dogs the dog gained trust towards people.

Cricket was not shy any more and it was right time to find him a forever home. Now Cricket lives happily with his family. The family does everything for the lovely dog.

The dog is loved and taken care of here. The dog has sibilings with whom he plays with love. He gets along with other dog. He will have a bright future. The dog won’t have to wander in the streets. Now the dog is in the centre of attention.

Here is the video:

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