Video. A stray dog finds a refugee from heavy storm in a house of a stranger and has a forever home there


A family found out there was a dog in their house late at night. This was a magical thing as they did not know how she appeared there.

The family watched the security camera and saw how the dog was afraid of storm and hesitate what to do. After some time the dog came into the house.

The family had forgotten to close the front door. They were lucky enough that something worse had not happened. Gratefully, a passerby noticed the front door open and closed the door.

The dog was wet and that is why she was dried. The family gave a warm place for the dog to sleep in.

The family took the dog to the vet. The family was surprised to know that the dog was 9 years old.

The sweet dog was looked after very attentively. The dog found her home with her instinct. The dog is a insperable family member now. Thanks the man who closed the door named Steve, the  family is safe and sound.

Here is the video:

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