A man came to adopt a pit bull from animal shelter, but she did not want to go without her close friend


The loyality of dogs is inseperable. Here is a story about true devotion of dogs. Two dogs were taken to an animal shelter.

From the time they were taken to the shelter they became inseperable friends. One of the dogs was named Merrill and the other was named Taco. Merrill is three years old and the other dog is eight years old.

Their bond is too tight. Once the dog named Merrill needed a surgery and during all the operation the dog Taco did not leave her side.

Now it is time for Merril to prove the loyality. A man came to adopt a dog and he fell in love with Merrill immediately. When all the papers were signed for adoption and the dog was taken from her enclosure.

The dog refused to go and insisted on staying. She did not go without her best friend. Seeing this touching scene the man understood she had to adopted both of them or none.

She chose to adopt both of them. Now they live together very happily. They spend all their day together. This story proves that their bond can not be broken and when we love somebody we do not want to be without him or her. Both of the dogs will have a bright future.

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