A woman sees the photo of the dog with the saddest eyes and decides to help her


A woman named Lauren Smith Greeno wanted to adopt a dog that will touch her heart. The woman had already three dogs whom she adored.

She looked for a dog in different animal shelter pages to choose the dog which would touch her heart.

He searched for the dog continously. And the dog which made her heart melt was the dog with a sad appearance. She just realized that she found the dog whom she wanted to take care and look after.

She came to take the dog from the shelter. As she saw the dog she made her heart melt. The woman put the dog at the backseat of the car.

The dog jumped to hug the woman and licked her face. The dog became friends with other three dogs that the woman had.

The sad eyes of the dog changed abruptly. The dog became full of energy and very sociable. He played with other dogs and these three dogs became his best friends.

The dog was a little bit shy at first and surprised to lay down on the warm and soft pillow. The dog got used to everything as she was well treated here.

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