The tiny rat named Blue just adores hugging and kissing his best friend a black German shepherd


This is a story about a cute black coloured German shepherd. The dog lives in a tiny house with other animals such as rabbits, cats and rats.

The dog is rather big but very gentle and kind-hearted. These animals just adore their big brother and are not scared of his big size.

The animals are fond of lying down on his big body. The dog is very sociable and has a big heart. The dog is named Nuka and the little rat is named Blue.

Nuka and Blue have a strong bond and spend most of their time together. Even when the owner of the dog puts rat on the floor it runs to lie down on the fluffy fur of the dog.

Nuka treats the little rat with care. He does not mind whatever the tiny cute rat does. These two are close friends. The black German shepherd likes to lick the rat and the rat adores this. Friends can be of all sizes and these two different species of animals prove this.

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