A touching video. A cute and kind cat comforts his blind and sick friend


This is an emotional story how the cat comforts the dog. The dog was very ill, blind and rather old. The dog does not feel cosy as his disabilty makes him feel upset and scared of many things.

Everything changes when the dog feels the warmth and care that the cat gives him. The scene how the cats gives comfort to the dog is very emotional.

Although there is a accepted truth that dogs and cats do not get along with each other but there are stories which prove vice versa.

The dog is named Bruce and the cat Jim. Their bond became tighter when the dog lost his sight because of his illness. The dog had to overcome many difficulties but thanks to the cat the situation got better.

When the cat saw the dog in such hopeless state he comforted him. The cat did not leave the dog’s side and freed him from lonliness.

When the dog gets scared the cat puts her paw on his shoulder and makes the dog sure that he is protected. The cat surrounds the dog with affection and care.

Here is the emotional scene how the cat comforts his sick friend:

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