An innocent stray dog ran up to pharmacy for help


A dog which was just roaming in the streets went to the pharmacy and wanted to help him. The dog looked with very sad eyes on the pharmacist named Banu.

It was obvious the dog wanted to explain something. His innocent appearance told all that.

The woman came closer to the dog to understamd what was going on. She noticed that the paw of the dog was injured.

The dog sad expression of the face asked for help. This moment was so touching and heart breaking.

She let the dog in and put the antiseptic on his wound. The pharmacist looked after the dog carefully by feeding the dog and giving antibiotics.

This woman is a very kind woman as she has helped many dogs in need of care and help. She says that we should always take care those innocent creatures in need of help.

She always does her best to help the roaming dogs as much as she could. The state of the dog got better and she thanked the woman by giving many kisses and hugs. She even licked the woman as a sign of gratitude.

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