Here is Kiko. A unique and sweet dog rotates her head 180 degrees at her owner’s command


When the woman took the dog Kiko home she could not have imagined that the dog was able to change his lockdown days into happier ones.

The dog was a good choice for the woman as she could change her mood. The dog was a Finnish spitz. He was 9 months old.

The dog craned her head to 180 degrees when he was sleeping or she was just awake. The dog surprised her owner.

The dog bends her neck back to look at her owner or her two sibilings. The owner was astonished at first but after some time this became a usual thing for the owner. The dog wanted to keep her eyes on her owner.

The dog is lovely and lives to cuddle and hug. The dog helped her owner during COVID pandemic. The dog is very sweet and cute having special talents.

The bond between the dog and her owner is very tight as the dog was always by her side during her difficult times.

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