A girl was seen helping and rescuing a cute puppy left all wet in the rain


Here is a heart-warming story. Mayane Rodrigues was looking outside from the window of her house when she saw something that touched her heart.

A girl put his backpack on the ground, set an umbrella and then put off her jacket. She just warmed up the puppy left in the rain all wet.

She took the puppy in her arms and continued her way. The woman captured the scene and downloaded it in the social media. This attracted many people’s attention.

The girl was found. She was named Cibely Stiegelmair. The girl was an angel for this poor and hopeless puppy. Thanks to this girl who is only 12 years old the puppy is rescued.

When the girl brought the puppy it was hurt. The girl and her family took care of the puppy even named the puppy Pretinha.

The cute puppy will not have to wander in the streets. Thanks to this girl she will have a happy future. The dog is given so much love and care. The dog has become very lively and full of energy. This girl is like an angel for the puppy.

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