Video. An obedient senior dog was left behind as the family moved somewhere different


A dog named Pumba was a dog whom his owners loved very much. They took care of the dog as their favourite pet.

But the dog could not have thought that his owners would leave him behind. Unluckily, the dog became senior and his family had to move somewhere different.

The family did not even think about taking the dog with them. The dog thought that they were going somewhere to have a rest and they will return soon.

Unfortanately, this was not the truth. The only truth was that he was abandoned by his family. The dog realized the fact and became confused. The family with whom he thought he would leave forever just left him.

The dog waited and did not lose his hope but this was in vain.  The neighbours used to give food the roaming dog.After some months  Hope for paws took the dog to the animal shelter to look after the dog.

It was rather difficult for the staff to convince the dog to come with them. When the dog understood that they just wanted to help him, only that time he came with them.

Now the dog lives happily in his foster home. He is taken care of and loved. He is well fed. Pumba feels happy where he is now as  he feels safety.

Here is the video:

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