A fluffy talisman. The homeless artists who are always on the road with their sweet kitten


A kitten was adopted when he was just a month old. The couple were artists who were homeless. They often went on adventourous tours by thier car.

They took their favourite kitten with them. The cat always liked to sit near the front seat of the car. They are trio the husband named Serge, the wife named Olga and the cute kitten named Umka.

The wife often captures videos and photos and the kitten is always present in the pictures. The kitten likes road trips and the car has become a home for him.

The kitten feels comfortable in the car and just adores their trips. The kitten attracts many people’s attention. Thanks to the kitten the woman got acquainted with many people.

The kitten has become rather famous among people. The cat has travelled differnt cities in Russia.  This sweet kitten likes the feeling of being free and she is popular with being a fluffy talisman.

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