A touching video. A formerly blind dog wiggles with happiness and excitement seeing her owners for the first time


This is an emotional story about a black coloured dog of a dog breed Cocker Spaniel. The dog is so tiny and cute.

The dog is blind as she suffered from cataract . Her previous owners left him but she was rescued and adopted by a family. The dog was adopted by a Canadian family.

The family fell in love with the dog at the first sight. They decided to do everything possible to return her eyesight.

The couple gathered money having a propose to cure the dog.  Finally, the dog had an eye surgery.

The reaction of the dog was an emotional and touching.Luckily, thanks to this couple she was able to see things again.

The dog seemed to be alert and excited to see the people who rescued her. The dog looked at everything with such interest and delight.

The moment the dog came near the couple made both of them cry of happiness. The dog was overwhelmed seeing the world that surrounded him.

Here is heart touching video of the blind dog overjoyed seeing the world and the people who rescued her again:

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