A couple rescues a mother dog before she gives birth 9 puppies


Jackie and Carly noticed a dog which was pregnant. The dog was lying on the sidewalk. The dog seemed to be joyful. The couple treated the dog food and water.

The dog was named Poppy. The sweet dog had a tight bond with Carly very quickly. It was obvious the dog was very sociable. The dog was covered by fleas.

They took the dog to the vet for the treatment. Soon they took the dog home. The dog melted in the arms of her rescuer.

The dog felt safety and as soon as they reached home she jumped onto the couch and had a rest. The sweet dog  gave birth to nine puppies.

She  turned out to be a caring mom. She kissed and hugged her puppies very tightly and warm.  Poppy is a lovely and devoted mother.

The couple even thought to find a forever home for them but then decided to adopt the dog themselves. Now they feel all the warmth and safety given to them.

Here is the video:

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