A hopeless dog slept on snow in front of the hotel until a tourist spotted her


A dog was left abandoned in front of the hotel. The dog lay on the snowy ground in a hopeless state. The dog was fed by the hotel staff.

After some time the director of the hotel warned the staff members not to feed the dog so that the dog left the place. The dog did not leave the place. She still stayed there.

Once a tourist noticed the dog lying on the snow in the freezing cold. He gave water and food to the dog. The tourist even started to think what to do with the hopeless dog. He gave the dog a crate and a blanket to warm up in the snow weather.

He could not take the dog with him. He had already many pets of his own. So he decided to call local rescue to take the dog. The dog was named Indy.

The staff members thanked the tourist as he himself drove his car and brought the dog from the mountain resort to the animal shelter. It took about 310 mile drive.

The dog was taken to a vet as she had serious health problems. It was obvious the dog had lived a hazardous life.

The dog was five years old but her teeth were broken. She will be cured and will have a forever home soon. Thanks to this kind man she will not have to wander in the freezing cold.

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