A cute video. Here is Hugo: The dog which has a passion to opera music


A dog is fond of music especially listening and singing opera. The dog listens to this music so attentively. The scene was cqptured by his owner.

The dog is named Hugo. The dog was lying on the floor having a rest in the living-room.

When the man turned on the music the dog looked at the television and started to listen carefully.

This song called “O Sole Mio” was the favourite song of the dog. The song is sung by Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti.

When Luciano Pavarotti started to sing the dog acted so smart. He waited until the singer ended his part then started to sing. The dog behaved as a star and it seemed that the dog was trained.

The dog sang so beautiful and professional. This dog is a real talent. His song melted many people’s heart.

The dog makes a day happier and brighter. Those who watch the video fill with joy. Such a cute and talented dog.

Here is the video:

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