Meet Sox: A senior dog who travels America with his owner by a motorcycle


Dogs are famous to be best friends for humans. Here is a story about a cute Husky who is a true and adventurous friend for his owner.

The smart dog travels with his owner through America. They travel by motorcylce. They have travelled 35 states and they aim to see 50 states.

They have a tight bond. The owner of the dog is Michael. The name of the dog is Sox. When the man bought the motorcycle his only aim was to travel with his favourite dog.

After a little practice the dog enjoyed their trips. The dog adores wearing a helmet and shades. The dog and his owner just get pleasure of their adventures.

As the dog gets older the man built a special sidecar so that it would be comfortable for the dog to sit and travel. Fortunately, the dog has a caring and supportive owner.

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