Man’s best friend. A devoted dog loves his owner so much that he nudges his wheelchair with his nose


It is an accepted truth that not only people are always there to help those animals in need of help, but animals are able to help people in need of help.

The man whose name is Danilo Alarcon has a dog named Digong. The man has had the dog since  the dog was just a little puppy.

Unluckily, the man had a motorcycle accident and could not walk. He used wheelchair for movement.

The devoted dog just seven months old helped the man nudging the wheelchair with his nose. The dog cares about his owner with much affection.

The dog and the man had such a tight bond. The scene made many people’s heart melt. A couple even captured the scene.

They came near and got information. They invited them for lunchThe dog is a true friend for the man.

The man and the dog are always by each other’s side. When the dog got tired, the man put the dog on his laps to rest. The heart touching scene attracted many people’s attention.

This dog is a healing power for the man. The dog makes the man’s day easier. He is a like an angel and protector for the man. The dog eases the burden of the man.

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