An unexpected guest. The family forgot to close the door and a dog came into the house begging for help


Jack Jonkinen woke up and whom he saw in the morning he could not even have imagined. The man had a dog but this dog was not his own dog.


The family members had forgotten to close the door after taking their dog for a walk  and this hopeless dog came in. He just needed help. It was clear he had been roaming in the streets all her life.

The dog looked scared and was shivering from cold. The owner of the house found out that the dog got into the house as the door was left open. He knew about this watching the surveillance cameras. Because of the bad weather the dog came in.

The owner of the house was happy that something serious did not happen or robbers did not come in. The dog was not neglected by the family. They took the dog to a vet for medical care and treatment.

The dog was thin and his bones were even noteable. The dog was looked after and taken care of. The family could not just leave the dog. They decided to adopt the dog and named her Susie.

The dog was loved by the family very much. The dog transformed abruptly and her appearance changed very quickly. She became so sweet, cute and full of energy. The unexpected guest became a best friend with the family.

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