An unwanted and neglected dog was adopted by the officer who saved her


A starving and abandoned dog was lying on the grass in the park of Indiana. The dog was injured and looked very hopeless.

The dog’s eyes wanted someone to help her as she was in despair. Many people just passed by the dog and neglected her

A stranger could not just pass by the dog and decide to call the sheriff for help.The officer whose name is Jeff Ripley arrived at the place. He fell in love with the dog at the first sight.

The officer took the dog to the shelter but it was closed. Jeff decided to take the puppy home.

The beloved of the officer suggested to keep the dog in their place. The next day the officer took the dog to the vet.

The dog named Daisy was hit by a car and her former owner did not want her back. The dog was treated by the vet here. The officer adopted the dog and gave all the love that she deserved.

The dog lives in the family where she is loved and taken care of. She does not have to wander in the streets. The family has a cat with whom she gets along very well.

The dog got back the faith towards people. She has her own bed to sleep and she gets many kisses.

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