Pizzeria puts pictures of shelter pups on pizza boxes hoping to find a forever home for them


There are many dogs in the animal shelter that wait for their turn to be adopted. These dogs need care and love. They just want to have a lovely forever home as they deserve this.

This is a story about a kind hearted owner of Pizzeria. She does everything to help the dogs in the shelter as well as for the abandoned stray dogs.

She corporates with SPCA. She helps the dogs to find a forever home. The name of Pizzeria is Just Pizza & Wing Co. The owner’s name is Mary Alloy. She is a volunteer in SPCA.

Her friend whose name is Kimberly LaRussa. They together decided to help the dogs to have a forever home as they deserved this.

They put the pictures of the dogs on the pizza cartons. They even put the pictures on their flyers featuring different dogs.

They even included cats for adoption. Those who adopted the dogs would get 50 dollars certificate for Alloy’s restaurant.

They have had many success and many dogs have been adopted in this way. They hope that their number will raise as they do a kind act which is appreciated. They will continue to help these dogs in need of help.

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